Video and OSD Transmitter & RC receiver XVOSD2

Long Range RC & Telemetry Receiver RXD2L
June 9, 2016
Long Range RC Transmitter Station XPAD2-RCJOY with built-in GPS and video receiver
June 22, 2016
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Video and OSD Transmitter & RC receiver XVOSD2

214.00 excl. VAT

Full OSD system with integrated video transmitter that will allow you to view not only your onboard camera but also readings from your aircraft’s instruments and sensors. It works in the 2.4 GHz band and it has 500 mW of power. It also includes a 13-channel RC/Multifunction receiver, high-efficiency battery voltage converter, DCDC18 / 5V / 5A converter , 2 ammeters and 3 voltmeters.

This OSD system, video transmitter and RC receiver is part of the superb eXtended Long Range System D2 (XLRS_D2) kit.


  1. XVOSD2. Full OSD + Video Transmitter 2.4 GHz + 13-channel RC/Multifunction Receiver + DCDC converter 18/5v/4A + 2 Ammeters + 3 Voltmeters.
  2. ANT242DB. Antenna 2 dBi, 2.4 GHz with connector MMCX Female.


Main Features

  • Full OSD: View readings for instruments and sensors in long distance flights.  4 pages, 4 resolutions and 60 configurable instruments and sensors.
  • Video Transmitter: 2.4 GHz, 500 mW, 8 Channels and Microphone.
  • Mini radiator: It dissipates 3 or 4 times less heat than a standard TX.
  • Audio system: With microphone and preamplifier with selectable gain.
  • Channels RC/Multifunction: 13 Ch RC/Multi.
  • Output (SPPM):  1; it can take up to 13CH RC.
  • Connection: Direct connection of the video camera with 5V voltage selection (default) or voltage supplied by the battery.
  • Connection: Directly from the battery.
  • Connection: Directly of variator of the motor (if it is electric), with terminals included.
  • DCDC18/5V/5A: Battery voltage converter of high efficiency (> 90%) from 18 V to 5.2 V or 4 V selectable for consumption savings. It supplies up to 4 amperes at  5 V.
  • Ammeter: High-resolution Battery Ammeter up to 60 A.
  • Ammeter: From RC system’s 5 V to 5 A.
  • Voltmeter: Battery up to 24 V.
  • Voltmeter: 5 V RC.
  • Voltmeter: Regulator 3.3 V.
  • RCBUS: (TTL Data).
  • ALPHA Commands:  (Open source text interface).
  • Antenna Connector: MMCX Male Vídeo (2.4 Ghz).
  • Antenna: 2 dBi, 2.4 GHz.



1.0- Direct Video Camera Connection “CAM”.

1.1- RCBUS: RCBus is a serial bus to extend, test and    communicate with other XLRS_D2 devices.

1.2- RC/Multifunction Channels: 7CH.

1.3- Red Led: Power.

1.4- RC/Multifunction Channels: 6CH.

1.5- Antenna Connector: MMCX-Male, for Video 2.4 GHz.

1.6- Voltage Selection (Vídeo Camera): 5 V (default) or 12 V. 

1.7- RCBUS: The RCBus is a serial bus to extend, test and communicate with other XLRS_D2 devices.


Technical Specifications

ALPHA Commands Yes. Open source text interface
Upgradeable Yes. XBootADMD
Temperature Sensor Yes
DCDC DCDC 18/5V/5A converter
Dimensions 56 x 20 x 40 mm
Weight 40 grams
Box Plastic
Series XLRS_D2
Ammeter 1 High-resolution Battery Ammeter up to 60A
Ammeter 2 From RC system’s 5 V to 5 A
Voltimeter 1 Battery Voltmeter up to 24 V
Voltimeter 2 Voltmeter 5 V RC
Voltimeter 3 Voltmeter of the regulator 3.3 V
Pages 0 = Transparent and 3 = Instruments
Resolution 33 x 34, 42 x 34, 50 x 34, 64 x 34
Configurable instruments 60 objects
Configurable alarms Yes
Units of measurement Metric (Km, m, ºC) or Imperial (Miles, feet, Knots, ºF)
Power Instruments Battery 1 and Battery 2 (Voltage, Amps, Watts Motor, % Motor Power, RPM…
Flight Instruments Relative Altimeter (with external sensor), Absolute Altimeter (GPS), Flight time, Aircraft status, Internal temperature…
Navigation Instruments Distance, Route, Radar, Course, Position GPS, Satellite…
XLRS Radio Instruments RSSI, Received Frames, Range Radio Km, Noise Level, TX Power…
UAV Instruments Flight Mode, Autopilot Menu, Sensors Menu, Sensors, Autopilot Parameters…
Other Instruments Alarms, Menssages, ID Aircraft/Pilot, Shadow, Page number…
 Approx. Max Range 30 Km (depending on antennas used)
 Frequency 2.4 GHz
 Power 500 mW
 Channels 8
 Selecting Channels CH1: 2414 MHz, CH2: 2432 MHz, CH3: 2450 MHz, CH4: 2468 MHz, CH5: 2490 MHz, CH6: 2510 MHz, CH7: 2390 MHz, CH8: 2370 MHz
 Mini Radiator Heat Sink
 Temperature -10ºC ∼ +60ºC
 Ambient Temperature 25ºC
 Channels RC/Multifunction 13CH RC
 Channels SPPM 1; it can take up to 13 RC channels
 Direct Connection Direct connection to video camera, with 5V voltage selection (default) or the voltage supplied by the battery
 Direct Connection Directly from the battery
 Direct Connection Directly from variator of the motor (if it is electric), with terminals included
 Antenna Connector MMCX Male Video (2.4 GHz)