Therm-App™ TH for Thermography

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July 6, 2015
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Therm-App™ TH for Thermography

2,500.00 excl. VAT

The innovative Therm-App® TH transforms an Android smartphone into a professional, highly capable, and constantly evolving thermography tool. Take accurate temperature measurements and share the images and videos quickly and easily. Key features include manual and auto temperature scales, multiple color palettes, threshold hot/cold marking, instant sharing, professional PC analysis and reporting software, and more.

Before purchasing, please ensure that your Android Smartphone supports Therm-App®.

NOTE 1: A 6.8mm lens is included with Therm-App® TH. We do not recommend you use other lenses with this camera since it comes factory-calibrated specifically for the 6.8mm lens.

NOTE 2: It is quite easy to place your Android device + Therm-App® TH on board a UAV by means of a standard thread accessory for camera tripods. Therm-App® TH device has this standard thread pitch.


Product Features

  • 384*288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • User Friendly, Touchscreen Advantages
  • Update Your Thermographic Data — On Time
  • Professional Thermographic Analysis & Reports
  • Get Therm-App Updates via Google Play




User Manual

Why would you purchase a Therm-App™ TH camera while there are cheaper options? Well, if you are pursuing quality, service, professionalism, or a combination of the three, you will choose Therm-App™. Here is why:

Specification Other cheaper products Therm-App® TH
IR Sensor 206×156 384×288
Thermal Sensitivity ? They don’t say <0.07°C
Field of View 36° x 20° 55° x 41°
Object temperature range -10°C to +150°C 0°C to +200°C
Accuracy ? They don’t say ±2°C or 2%, whichever is greater


There are 3 things that we give that they don’t give you:

  1. Open Software Development Kit (SDK) to do anything you want with our product: connect it to drones or embedded PCs and create new apps and functionalities.
  2. High resolution (384*288) of the Infrared Sensor while their resolution is much lower.
  3. Streaming option that they don’t have.

In summary, they offer low-specs thermal cameras. We sell quality, professional thermal cameras.

Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 13 × 9.5 cm