Long Range RC Transmitter XPAD2 with built-in GPS and video receiver

Long Range RC Transmitter Station XPAD2-MINIJOY with built-in GPS and video receiver
June 29, 2016
GPS module XGPSD2, compatible with XLRS_D2 products
July 4, 2016
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Long Range RC Transmitter XPAD2 with built-in GPS and video receiver

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Long Range RC Transmitter XPAD2  is designed for FPV-UAV flights of short and long distance up to 180 Km. It has 500 mW power and -115 dBm sensitivity, dual band 866 – 960 MHz, long range RC transmitter, Bluetooth, GPS, video receiver and more.

This RC Transmitter is part of the superb eXtended Long Range System D2 (XLRS_D2) kit.


  1. XPAD2. Long Range Radio Control transmitter with 5G and video receiver (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth, GPS, Mini Speaker, LCD display, Terminal search, dual band 866-960 MHz, 500 mW power and -115 dBm sensitivy, and an extraordinary maximum range of 180 Km for RC and Telemetry.
  2. XCHARGERD2. Charger for all XPAD2 modules with Mini USB interface.
  3. ANTGSM24. 5 dBi 2.4 GHz antenna.
  4. ANTGSM900. 5 dBi 866-960 MHz antenna.


Main Features

  • 5G Transmitter: 500 mW (-115dBm) dual band 866-960 MHz.
  • Maximum range for RC and Telemetry (TX 500 mW): 180 Km.
  • Video receiver: 8 channel in 2.4 GHz band.
  • LCD Display: Settings and telemetry control similar to what XVOSD2 module shows.
  • Terminal Search radiobeacon 4G (RDB_RECOVERY)
  • Frecuency Hopping: (FHSS)
  • RCBUS: TTL Data
  • ALPHA Commands: Interface open source text
  • Connection: Direct to Video Glasses, display screen or video recorder.
  • Input: Mini USB direct to PC.
  • Upgradeable: Via mini USB port.
  • Battery: Internal with 8 hours duration. It is charged by using module (XCHARGERD2) through a mini USB port.
  • Buttons and Joystick: For configuration and system settings.
  • Robust:  High-impact methacrylate structure.
  • Models: 3 types (XPAD2-RCJOY, XPAD2-MINIJOY and XPAD2)


Control and Functions


1.0- SMA-Female Connector for Radio Control of 866-960 MHz. You can connect standard or dual antennas to have greater range, according to your requirements.

1.1- RF (Radio Frequency) Blue Led

1.2- SMA-Female Connector  for Video: of 2.4 GHz. You can connect standard or dual antennas to have greater range, according to your requirements.

1.3- LCD Display: hight contrast backlit Blue/White to configuration and telemetry display.

1.4- Speaker and Bluetooth

Speaker: For sound effects of the system.

Bluetooth: For connection to other devices (PC, Laptop, Tablets).

1.5- Central 5-positions Micro Joystick: To navigate through the menu (Left, right, up and down), center to “Accept/Ok” and hold down to turn on the XPAD2 system.

1.6- Central Rotary Encoder: To select desired percentage values in XLRS_D2 system settings.

1.7- Button “Exit/OFF”: To exit the menu or submenus. Hold down to turn off the XPAD2 system.

1.8- GPS: For positioning and location of the XPAD2 system (e.g. for being on the move while flying and have a dynamic Return-To-Home).



1.7- Input Charger: To charge the XPAD2, you can use a XCHARGERD2 charger with Mini USB interface powered via PC or a standard mobile charger. (XCHARGERD2 is included with the XPAD2).

It can also be charged with a standard RC charger.

1.8- RCB Mini jack connector: The RCBus is a serial bus data to extend and test XPAD2 devices, as Head tracker or tracking antenna.

1.9- Input SPPM: SPPM to connect a standard RC station on the trainer port and send its Joysticks movements through Long Range.

2.0- AUDIO/VIDEO Connectors: Through the two Video/Audio connector jacks you can directly connect video/FPV glasses or headset, a TV monitor or a standard video recorder.

2.1- Mini USB Port: Used to configure the system, send and receive commands, receive telemetry, have online access to equipments connected via radio and update the system with the BootADMD software.


Technical Specifications

Maximum RC and Telemetry range 180 Km
Power 500 mW
Sensitivity -115 dBm
Telemetry Yes
Dual Band RF ICM 866 MHz or ISM 960 MHz. Configurable for other bands
Frequency 866 – 868  and 902 – 960 Mhz. Configurable
RF Filtrate Digital. Compatible with 2.4 and 5.8 GHz video
Channeling 50 Khz. 100 KHz for LRS compatibility
Modulation 50 kb. AFA (Adaptative Frequency Agility),  FHSS. 19-38 kb. GFSK for LRS compatibility
RSSI Digital. Calibrated ± 1 dBm
RF Module 5G Radio, XLRS_D2
PPM Refreshment  40 Hz
Fail Safe Yes. Programmable
Upgradeable Yes. XBootADMD
Interface Yes. RCBus
Dimensions 104 x 94 x 33 mm
Weight  360 gr
Box Plastic
Serie  XLRS_D2
Video Receiver
Maximum range 30 Km (Depending on antenna used)
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Channels 8
Channel selection CH1: 2414 MHz, CH2: 2432 MHz, CH3: 2450 MHz, CH4:  2468 MHz, CH5: 2490 MHz, CH6: 2510 MHz, CH7: 2390 MHz, CH8: 2370 MHz
Screen LCD, Backlit high-contrast Blue/White
1 Input Mini Jack  RCBus. It is a serial bus data to extend and test XPAD2 devices, as Head Tracker
1 Input Jack  Audio-Video. You can directly connect video/FPV glasses or headset, TV monitor or standard video recorder
1 Input Jack  SPPM (Trainer)
1 Mini USB Input Used to configurate the system, send and receive commands, telemetry, update and more
2 Antenna Connectors  1-SMA-Female RC (866-960 MHz),  1-SMA-Female Video (2.4 GHz)
1 Micro Joystick 5-position micro joysticks for control and menu selection
1 Rotate Encoder Configuration of control values (in %)
1 Button “Exit/Off”  To exit the menu or sub menu selected and if holding down to disable the XPAD2 system
Radio Locator  Radio Locator + GPS
Bluetooth  Yes
Mini Speaker  Yes
GPS  Yes
Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity 4800 mAh
Type Lithium Polymer
Switch ON/OFF
Fuse 2 A
Duration 8 hours
Note Individual cells are protected electrically over voltage, low voltage and excess consumption
Description  XPAD2 charger with Mini USB interface
Connection Mini USB input
2 Leds 1 Charging, 1 Full charge
Dimensions 32.5 x 21 x 9.5 mm
 Weight  8 gr
Add-ons DES/AES encryption