1 Light Detection and Ranging for its acronym in English, this system uses a laser sent from the sensor to the surface and the system measures “echo” or reflected time difference. LiDAR is an active sensor and it works well both day and night as it is not dependent on sunlight. Thanks to EKOFASTBA’s LiDAR systems, it is possible to obtain a high level of precision in digital terrain models. The use of this technology combined with unmanned aerial systems provides more detail of the terrain to be inspected.

2 From georeferenced ortho aerial photographs, measurements can be made of distances and areas using GIS that can be used for the measurement of land plots, infrastructure development and linear infrastructures.

3 LiDAR sensors are used for crop growth studies, building’s digital models, supervision of infrastructure during construction, volume measurements in mining, etc.

The following demo shows an image obtained by LiDAR sensoring.