Image Processing Service

Image Processing Service

We are specialized in the generation of georeferenced orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models, as well as 3D Models and Maps of Vegetation Indexes, from aerial images obtained by UAVs (or manned aircraft). We operate an innovative service that allows UAV (drone) or manned aircraft pilots and companies to outsource their imagery processing so that they can focus on their operations. We also offer extensive imagery consulting and custom GIS applications and services to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have for your application.


(*) Contact us for pricing on this option

How it works


Open an account & Send us your images

We sign a Service and Confidentiality Agreement and you set a commercial account with us. Afterwards, simply send us the images in any suitable way (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer…) or else we will provide you with an appropriate cloud storage space for you to upload them.(*)

Magic happens here!

Relax while we process the images professionally so that you get the results you asked for. In order to achieve this, we utilize cutting-edge processing computers and software, as well as automated processing scripts that minimize the time needed.

Get your results

We will send you the results asap (after the necessary processing time) in a number of formats, as specified by you. Possibilities include georeferenced orthomosaics, Vegetation Indexes, 3D models, Digital Surface Models, show videos, volume calculations, tree counting, custom GIS applications, and so on.(**)

(*) This is actually your choice. We provide you with temporary cloud storage space for you to upload imagery completely for free; however, it might be more comfortable for you to send us the image data sets through a popular cloud storage solution at your choice.

(**) For more information on extra services, please check our value added services section.


Our pricing for this image processing service depends on three factors: whether or not you are a new customer, the number of images and GSD or Ground Sampling Distance (check F.A.Q.: What is Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)).

Firstly, new customers require an upfront payment of 250€ for their new processing account. For this fee you will receive up to 3 hours of consultation on how to provide imagery that meets processing requirements for your specific platform and sensor. For those that don’t require this amount of support the balance of the payment will be credited to your account for future imagery processing.

Secondly, we offer you a pricing scheme based on the number of images. This way, it is clear for you how much the processing cost will be,  contrary to other image processing providers who charge you according to the surveyed area (in m2 or km2) and complicate the cost estimation.

Lastly, GSD takes into account your sensor/camera features (image width and height in pixels, sensor width and focal length in milimeters) and flight setup (flight height in meters). The resulting GSD will always be the average GSD of all useful images and can be easily estimated. We have prepared an easy-to-use GSD calculator for you to use freely in the following F.A.Q.: How can I estimate the GSD of my image dataset?


So, having those three factors in mind (whether or not you are a new client, number of images, and GSD) the following table summarizes our pricing for you to know it accurately beforehand. No hidden costs nor surprises.

GSD > 5 cm
3 cm < GSD < 5 cm
GSD < 3 cm
1 – 500 20 € 40 € 60 €
501 – 1000 40 € 75 € 110 €
1001 – 1500 60 € 110 € 155 €
1501 – 2000 75 € 140 € 200 €
2001 – 3000 110 € 190 € 280 €
3001 – 5000 160 € 280 € 460 €
5001 – 10000 260 € 540 € 880 €
More than 10000 (Please contact us for a quotation)

NOTE 1: +250 € for new processing accounts, as described above.

NOTE 2: These prices assume correct, non-distorted, image datasets; geolocation information correctly acquired; and other assumptions for normal workflow. Whenever these assumptions are not fulfilled, we will let you know along with the possible solutions and alternative agreements. Prices exclude VAT, that must be added where applicable.

If you want to use our service please request a processing account. We recommend you review the frequently asked questions.

For extra services like volume calculations, tree counting, custom GIS applications and systems, and so on, please check our value added services section and e-mail us or consult us through our request an account form.