High Resolution Unmanned Video & Photo

High Resolution Unmanned Video & Photo

1 EKOFASTBA‘s imaging technology offers the ability to get aerial shots like never before, achieving spectacular results providing great added value to any visual project. EKOFASTBA‘s image and video technology enables images and video from any height or angle trajectory even in unconventional wavelengths. An unmanned aerial vehicle is more versatile than any other form of traditional photography or video shooting. Compare the time period that it takes to get conventional pictures from certain height using a mast, crane or other resources: during the same period, a drone is able to cover the whole area of interest from any direction and angle.

2 EKOFASTBA‘s drones are heavy payload lifters and are capable of taking¬†professional movie cameras such as Canon C300 or Red Epic type with a steady stabilization system that avoids long post-production hours to correct blur due to movement. Framing can be controlled from the ground as the camera operator can have a first person view connected either directly to the navigation camera in the drone or the professional video or still camera.

3 EKOFASTBA‘s technology brings a new aerial perspective as a limitless marketing tool to be used in any video or photograph events, real estate marketing, hotel and resort projects, cruise ship advertising, documentary production, sightseeing, sporting events, construction inspection, private residences and golf courses, beach and life guard support, social event coverage, 360-degree photographs and even 3D recreation of objects or places for virtual reality models.

4 You can output video in real time, so it is possible to use it for live broadcasts. EKOFASTBA has expert and advanced video editing staff, allowing it to offer a final video product edited and customized.

The following high resolution photographies are actually shrinked by 50% of their original size.